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Support the Unsmoke movement to give adult smokers rightful access to and information about smoke-free alternatives.

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Unsmoke actions are our way to track support for the unsmoke movement across the globe.

The greater our number, the stronger we become—and the closer we are to an unsmoked world.

In February 2021, we refreshed the data that constitutes an action to include several new Unsmoke activations around the world. As a result of this, the number of actions increased significantly. You can find more detail around what we track, as at May 2021, below:

·         Activity on any Unsmoke website, such as page views, video completions, and button clicks

·         Social media shares, reactions and comments related to Unsmoke

·         Click-through from a paid media advertisement related to Unsmoke

To view the live action counter, you can visit the Be Heard page.

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