Learn the Science


Learn the Science

Everyone knows smoking is harmful and addictive. The best choice for any smoker is to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether. But many don't, and these adult smokers deserve accurate information about smoke-free alternatives and the science behind them.

There are some common misconceptions that can lead to confusion around smoke-free alternatives. 

Putting science at the heart of the discussion around regulation is vital to give adults who would otherwise continue to smoke the ability to understand how smoke-free alternatives differentiate from cigarettes and continued smoking to make informed decisions when it comes to their use.


The production of the high number of harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke comes from burning—not the tobacco itself. The smoke from burning any plant will contain dozens of harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

Removing the combustion process, should reduce the levels of many of those chemicals.

What is Nicotine?

Nicotine occurs naturally in tobacco leaves.

Along with factors such as taste and ritual, nicotine is one of the reasons people smoke. However, while addictive and not risk free, nicotine is not the main cause of smoking related disease.

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