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Representing Unsmoke at Canada Pride header

Representing Unsmoke at Canada Pride

June 23rd saw the annual Toronto Pride Parade, a yearly LGBTQ+ celebration of four basic human values: freedom, love, expression and understanding. This incredible celebration of acceptance celebrates not just how far the community has come, but how much further it has to go.

This year the Canadian Unsmoke initiative was out in full force with its simple message: if you don’t smoke, don’t start; if you smoke, quit; if you don’t quit, change. The best choice any smoker can make is to quit cigarettes and nicotine altogether. But for those adult smokers who don’t, Marianne, one of the Unsmoke representatives in attendance, said, “We want to bring awareness to adult smokers to let them know that there are alternatives and we want to ensure that they are aware of what’s out there for them.”

June 23rd saw the annual Toronto Pride Parade
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